Stephen C. Reingold, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice-President for Research and Director of Grants Management,
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, New York City


I would like to thank Kevin Avruch, who first suggested that there might be a book here and whose interest and guidance were invaluable. Without him, I would not have begun this project.

Pat Nicolette lived through much of this experience with me, and he knows well what he has been for me.

Peter Black has been a constant source of support and encouragement.  He patiently and carefully read each succeeding draft, of which there were many.  His thoughts are interwoven with mine. Any remaining suggestion that culture is a moving force, however, is mine alone.      

I would like to thank my hosts in Israel and Egypt, Bill and Sandra Brew. Without them, I never would have seen the Middle East.

Sar Levitan put food on my table (as he might say), introduced me to Jack Goellner, and is a wonderful friend and inspiration.

Jack Goellner has been the kind of editor I always imagined. His encouragement and belief that there really was something worth working on here kept me going. Whenever I felt like giving it up, one of his wonderful letters would arrive.